ALTAIR Christmas Video 2019

ALTAIR Christmas Video 2019

Our traditional Christmas Clip has just been released! We had so much fun in the making of. Enjoy and share it!

It’s Christmas Eve and the Lab is almost empty
Nobody is expecting a deadline.
An email arrives…
Will our hero decorate the Christmas tree by midnight?
Will he receive his presents?
Who is going to help him?
🎬Watch the story!

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from the ALTAIR Lab Team.

For more information about the technology developed in the video visit this link

Festival del Futuro

Festival del Futuro

Ethical robots to help the elderly population.

Paolo Fiorini was one of the speakers of the Festival del futuro in the session “Living healthier and longer: challenges and promises for the next decade”, talking in particular about the development of robotics to support aging.

Complete speech [IT LANG]

Robotics, home automation and sensors for an aging society? In Verona we have an excellent center in this regard. The research deals with exploiting robotics to improve and monitor treatments but also mobility, we think of exoskeletons.

But also artificial intelligence can intervene in cognitive support, in this field there are many studies in particular in support of surgery or in the recognition of the onset of diseases. We must design solutions that are respectful of ethics and communication and new types of education and training must be developed to allow the conscious use of new technologies without being dominated by them. 

Festival del Futuro

The first edition of the Festival del Futuro took place in Verona on 16 and 17 November 2019. A two-day journey and plenty of meetings with 38 future makers of our time: scientists, doctors, economists, entrepreneurs, environmental and geopolitics experts.

More information at the official website:

European Robotics Week 2019

European Robotics Week 2019

European Robotics Week 2019 at the CS Department

The Computer Science Department celebrates European Robotics Week 2019 with a calendar of events for students, families, and enthusiasts of new technologies.
Two days of events that will take place inside and outside the University environment, in collaboration with local institutions and schools from the Verona area.

A unique opportunity to get in touch with different types of robots and intelligent robotic systems and understand how these technologies are present in everyday life and within university research, accompanied by experts in the field.

All events are free entry but needs to be booked online. 

Thursday 21 November from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Robot @Garda ed. 3

Garda Town Hall (VR) – Lungo Lago Regina Adelaide 15, 37016 Garda VR

Third edition of the informative meeting on the use of robotics and artificial intelligence in different contexts of high social value, including water monitoring and surgical robotics. Event in collaboration with the Italian Naval League section of Garda.

During the day it will be possible to be direct spectators of demonstrations with intelligent aquatic drones for water quality monitoring (European Project INTCATCH), flying drones and advanced robotic systems used in operational activities by the State Police.


Event intended for schools with the possibility of external access.
Free entry with limited seats, online booking required.
Closing reservations: Wednesday 20 November, 12:00.
Book your place here

Detailed Program

ore 9:00 – Tendostruttura – Saluto delle Autorità;
ore 9:20 – Università di Verona, Dipartimento di Informatica:
– Prof. Alessandro Farinelli: Droni acquatici intelligenti per il monitoraggio delle acque
– Prof. Paolo Fiorini: Robot chirurgici intelligenti
ore 10:20 – Dimostrazione pratica:
– Università di Verona, Dipartimento di Informatica: droni acquatici sviluppati nel progetto INTCATCH 2020
– Polizia di Stato: robot per attività operative
– Polizia di Stato: mezzi in dotazione
ore 12:30 PAUSA PRANZO
ore 13:30 – Polizia Locale Unione Colline Mantovane:
– Com.te Emanuele Feudatari: strumenti innovativi in uso alla Polizia Locale – Drone Aereo
ore 14:00 – Polizia di Stato
– Com.te Andrea Erculiani – prevenzione, monitoraggio e repressione reati ambientali
ore 14:50 – AGS Azienda Gardesana Servizi – Ing. Alberto Cordioli: innovazione e tutela del Garda dalla Citizen Science al nuovo Collettore del Garda e Contratto di lago – dati raccolti con il monitoraggio droni della mattina Ore 15:30 Fine lavori
• Area “diga” del porto
Drone acquatico autonomo INTCATCH – Università di Verona, Dipartimento di Informatica
• Arenetta
Robot di intervento – Polizia di Stato
• Pontile Navigarda lato Bardolino Acquascooter e mezzi in dotazione – Polizia di Stato

Friday, November 22nd, from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Open Lab at ALTAIR Robotics Lab

Robotics and new technologies enthusiasts will be led by researchers from the ALTAIR Lab to discover the main research areas of the Laboratory: surgical robotics, collaborative robots for industry 4.0, rehabilitation robots. During the visit it will also be possible to watch live demonstrations of the robots currently in use in the Laboratory.

The ALTAIR robotics laboratory is an Italian center of excellence in the research and development of advanced and unconventional robotics systems, from teleoperation to autonomous behavior, founded in 2001 by Paolo Fiorini, professor of computer science, within the Computer Science Department of University of Verona. Over the years ALTAIR has been awarded several Italian and European grants developing a wide knowledge in the field of robotic surgery.
In the last years with the coming of Industry 4.0 and the introduction of robots within companies, the laboratory has opened its research to cooperative robots for industry, human-machine interaction and artificial intelligence.


Duration of the tour: 45 minutes
Free entry with limited seats, online booking required.
Closing reservations: Thursday 21 November, 12:00.
Book your place here 

Friday, November 22nd, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Scientific Aperitif

An informal occasion to meet professors and researchers of the ALTAIR Laboratory and to discuss scientific topics as well as ongoing and future projects while enjoying an aperitif.

Facebook Event:

Workshop on next generation intelligent surgical systems

Workshop on next generation intelligent surgical systems

ALTAIR Robotics lab organizes a workshop on next generation intelligent surgical Systems: Computer Simulation and Robotics.

Free Entry with registration by Friday 8th November, 12 PM

Italian and French research meet in Verona in a workshop about the next generation intelligent surgical systems.

On Wednesday 13rd November ALTAIR Robotics Laboratory based in the CS Department of University of Verona organizes a workshop on the role of biomechanical simulation in robotics for the development of next-generation surgical systems, entitled “Next generation intelligent surgical systems: computer simulation meets robotics“.

The workshop is aimed at PhD students, post-docs and researchers with interest in the fields of biomechanical simulation and robotics and will open with a talk by Prof. Paolo Fiorini, Director of the ALTAIR Laboratory.

Special guest is Prof. Stéphane Cotin, Director of the MIMESIS group, part of the prestigious INRIA – French research institute for digital sciences, and one of the creators of the SOFA project, an open-source framework for advanced simulation in the medical field.



Nowadays the use of simulation in the surgical field is increasing and is becoming important both for the training of surgeons and for the planning of an intervention. Through the simulation it is possible to represent and reproduce complex anatomical responses to various stimuli for a specific patient, thus making it possible, for example, to predict the effects of some therapies and prevent potentially critical situations.

In robotic surgery, the realistic simulation of the behavior of the various organs, which represent the working environment of the robot, is of great importance for the development and validation of autonomous systems.

The ALTAIR Robotics Laboratory has a strong experience in the field of simulation applied to robotics, which has also led over time to the creation of spin-offs and the marketing of simulators for surgical training.

An Italo-French union

The workshop is funded within the Cassini Program which aims to create a scientific network between French universities and research centers; it also benefits from the support of the French Embassy in Italy and the Institut Français.

The organization was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Verona and the European research projects ARS project and SARAS project, currently in charge of the ALTAIR Laboratory.

Speakers, info and registration at the link below. 

Kids University 2019

Kids University 2019

We are happy to take part to the annual edition of Kidsuniversity Verona 2019 with tho open labs dedicated to school classes and to families named “Past Present and Future of Robotics”.

Tuesday 17 September: Kidslab During the morning we had the pleasure to host two classes from the Verona area that have experienced how to build and program a toy robot.

Saturday 21 September: FamilyLab During the morning we had the pleasure to host kids and families and dive together into the world of robotics.


Official website:

Here’s the news on the local TV Telearena – minute 18:26 🎬

CARS 2019

CARS 2019

Computer Assisted Radioloy and Surgery Conference

Rennes, 18-21 June 2019

It was a pleasure for us to participate in one of the most important forums for innovation in healthcare technology.

Paper presentation: Tagliabue, E., Dall’Alba, D., Magnabosco, E., Tenga, C., Peterlik, I., & Fiorini, P. (2019). Position-based modeling of lesion displacement in ultrasound-guided breast biopsy. International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery, 1-11

Official website:

In the picture: Hirenkumar Chandarant Nakawala, Eleonora Tagliabue, Bogdan Maris.