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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for the agriculture of the future

PhD scholarship – DM 1061/2021 (3 years)
Beginning: 01 Jan 2022
Application deadline: 27th October, 2021, H 12.00

The research topic concerns the sensorization and electrification of agricultural machinery (e.g. weeding machines, sprayers) to allow their use in critical environments such as greenhouses, to develop autonomous driving systems that allow the machines to work and move independently, to monitor the state of crops and the presence of weeds by integrating multispectral cameras and artificial intelligence systems. The integration of technologies related to mobile robotics (trajectory planning and motion control in critical environments such as greenhouses and the open field) and artificial intelligence (recognition of plants and weeds and their localization) is a very important research topic that has not yet expressed its potential due to the difficulties of customizing machines and the training of AI algorithms. The work of this doctoral thesis in collaboration with a company that develops agricultural machinery and with a European university active in this sector, will allow to develop more flexible and less expensive systems.

Young scientists with excellent First/Master degrees in Computer / Electrical engineering, Computer science, or other related fields and strong interest in robotics and AI are welcome to apply to this PhD position. The successful candidate will be involved in the research activities of the Altair Lab at UNIVR and has the opportunity to pursue her/his PhD using state of art robots and customized mobile platforms developed together with companies active in Smart Agrifood.

Anyone interested in the position is requested to contact Riccardo Muradore <> as soon as possible.

Last update: 11/10/2021

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