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Research and Business Projects

Altair Robotics Laboratory has been awarded several EU and Italian grants, its research has also been carried on with the help of Regional funding, over the years the Lab has developed a wide network with local (Verona area) and Italian companies. 

Ongoing projects

ThermalX is an award winning project co-financed by RoboIt developing an advanced visual and thermal 3D endoscope. 

Robotic Orthosis: Progettazione di un’ortesi robotica per l’arto superiore con controllo mioelettrico e indirizzata a soggetti con debolezza muscolare

ATLAS is a Marie Curie European Joint Doctorate school that targets the training of experts in a very specific branch of Robotic Surgery: Intraluminal Surgery.

FORECAST is funded trough an open call from EUROBENCH Project. The project focuses on benchmarking force control algorithms for robotic locomotion applications such as exoskeletons and humanoids.

SARAS aims at developing the next-generation of surgical robotic systems that will allow a single surgeon to execute Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery (R-MIS) without the need of an expert assistant surgeon.

The goal of the ARS project is the derivation of a unified framework for the autonomous execution of robotic tasks in surgery, a challenging environment where accurate performance and safety are of paramount importance.

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