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ALTAIR Research

Researchers at ALTAIR Lab work on topics related to the following disciplines: Robotics, Control Theory, Teleoperation and Haptics, System Identification, Imaging & Vision, and Modelling & Simulation.

These disciplines are applied to the following areas:


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Research Projects

List of the EU Funded and ERC Granted research projects.

Robotic Surgery

The core of ALTAIR

From its very beginning the lab has always focused on robotic surgery, a discipline that has now become an essential help during surgical interventions.


Rehabilitation and assistive Robots

Understanding and augmenting rehabilitation through the application of robotic devices.

Robots for agriculture

Enhancing precision, lowering labour costs

Autonomous or semi-autonomous machines equipped with advanced sensors, computer vision, and AI technologies designed to perform various tasks in the agricultural sector: planting, harvesting, weeding, and monitoring crop health.


Collaborative Robots

Towards 4.0 Industry

Human-robot collaboration has an important role in smart factories since it contributes to the achievement of higher productivity and greater efficiency. 

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In the Altair Laboratory, research is carried out on automatic process modeling of collaborative processes and on obstacle avoidance. Recognizing the phases of a collaborative process can be useful for developing more efficient security and assistance systems in an Industry 4.0 perspective. We work also on the optimization of trajectory for surface recognition

Educational Robots

Continuous education and PCTO credits for schools

Real-world applications and the development of new skills for future jobs in an engaging environment that enhances collaborative problem-solving and teamwork skills.


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