We are glad to announce our contribution to the annual Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics from 26th – 29th June 2022 at the Royal Geographical Society, London UK.

The annual symposium is the highlight event of the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, at Imperial College London. It provides a forum for international surgeons and engineers to network and share the latest developments in medical robotics, attracting world-leading scientists, engineers and clinical practitioners from a wide range of disciplines associated with medical robotics and surgery.

26th June 2022, 08.00 with Paolo Fiorini

Workshop on Low cost Medical and Surgical Robotics

In this workshop we want to explore the difficulties and the benefits of developing low cost medical robotic devices that can guarantee top performance at a fraction of the cost of current devices. 

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26th June 2022, 08.00 with Diego Dall’Alba 

Workshop on Sensing and biophotonics for surgical robotics and in vivo diagnostics

This workshop will bring together clinicians and researchers to exchange ideas on the current state-of-the-art and future trends in sensing and biophotonics for surgical robotics and other clinical applications.

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29th June 2022, 09.00 with Paolo Fiorini

Workshop on Autonomy and shared autonomy in endoluminal approaches for soft surgical robots

This workshop will give researchers and representatives from the field (clinic/industry) the opportunity to highlight the latest advances in embedding autonomy and shared autonomy in robotic approaches to endoluminal surgery and vascular interventions.

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29th June 2022, 09.00 with Riccardo Muradore

Workshop on Image-Guided and Collaborative Medical Robotics 

The workshop will cover human-robot collaborative systems aimed at allowing safe, flexible, and swift operation in complex workspaces. Deployment designs and safety measures to overcome known technical drawbacks during human interaction will be discussed. The need for the integration of robotic systems into the interventional operating room (OR) will be covered including fast and reliable communication between all present devices.

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