CRAS 2019

CRAS 2019

ALTAIR Lab at CRAS Conference 2019 in Genova

For the first time, the Joint Workshop on New Technologies for Computer/Robot Assisted Surgery (CRAS) will be completely merged with the National Congress of the Italian Polispecialistic Society of Young Surgeons (SPIGC) in a large conference dedicated to encourage young surgeons and engineers.

CRAS+SPIGC 2019 aims to foster the transformation of surgery into an innovative, interactive, technological and educational process through joint sessions, round-tables and live surgery discussions focused at technological innovations.

This will be a unique opportunity for multi-cultural interactions, for identifying surgical needs and potential engineering solutions, and for the establishment of new multi-disciplinary collaborations.

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Picture: Bogdan Maris, Eleonora Tagliabue, Giovanni Menegozzo, Hiren Nakawala, Prof. Paolo Fiorini