Workshop: Towards Robotic Autonomy in Surgery

On June 23rd 2019 we had the pleasure to participate to the annual Hamlyn Symposium on Robotics 2019, at the Royal Geographical Society, London and organizing the workshop “Towards Robotic Autonomy in Surgery” sponsored by the University of Verona.
Workshop co-Chairs and Organisers:  Paolo Fiorini, Riccardo Muradore, Francesco Setti.

The Hamlyn Symposium was also the occasion to show the audience our research with paper and poster presentations.


Picture: Riccardo Muradore, Giacomo de Rossi, Martina Doppio, Andrea Roberti, Francesco Setti, Diego Dall’Alba, Hiren Nakawala, Prof. Paolo Fiorini, Eleonora Tagliabue