COSUR 2024 – Summer school announcement

COSUR 2024 – Summer school announcement

Registration Now Open for COSUR-2024!

We are delighted to announce that registration for the 4th Summer School on Control of Surgical Robots (COSUR-2024) is officially open!

Event Details

About COSUR-2024

COSUR-2024 promises to be a hands-on and engaging event on implementing control algorithms for surgical robotic systems such as dVRK, bringing together experts and enthusiasts in the field. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements, share insights, and network with peers.


Registration Information

Registration is now open! To secure your spot at COSUR-2024, please visit the official website for all the details.
Spread the Word: Help us spread the word about COSUR-2024 by sharing this announcement with your Master students, PhD students, Post-docs, and colleagues who may be interested in attending.


Important Dates


Registration deadline extended: June 10, 2024

Registration deadline: May 17, 2024

We look forward to welcoming you to Verona for COSUR-2024! If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your support!
Best regards, Team UNIVR
International Conference on Advanced Robotics – ICAR 2023

International Conference on Advanced Robotics – ICAR 2023

International Conference on Advanced Robotics – ICAR 2023 

5th – 8th December 2023 – ABU DHABI

Take a look at the organized events at the biannual edition of the International Conference on Advanced Robotics!



  • “Advancements in Bilateral Teleoperation: Combining Passivity-Based Control with Optimal Control”
    Organized by Nicola Piccinelli Ph.D.
    Speakers: Nicola Piccinelli, Riccardo Muradore, Paolo Fiorini
  • “Technologies for Autonomy and their Application to Robotic Surgery”
    Organizated by Prof. Paolo Fiorini
    Speakers: Andrea Roberti, Nicola Piccinelli, Riccardo Muradore, Paolo Fiorini

Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2023

Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2023

Hamlyn Symposiun on Medical Robotics 2023 

26th – 29th June 2023 – LONDON

The annual edition of the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics took place has just concluded. Take a look at the organized events and the ones we participated in!


🗓️ MONDAY 26TH JUNE – Workshops

  • “Autonomous flexible surgical robots: where we are and where we are going”
    Organization and panel discussion with Prof Fiorini
    link here
  • “Collaborative robotics in the medical field: where we are and where we need to go”
    Organization and panel discussion with Prof Muradore link here

  • “How to train the robotic surgeons of the future? The role of simulation”
    Prof. Fiorini invited speaker with the topic “STHAS: Simultaneous Training of Humans and Autonomous Systems in Robotic Surgery” link here

🗓️ WEDNESDAY 28TH JUNE – Poster Teaser Session 2

  • “Non-local Dependencies and Contextual Information in the Interpretation of Procedural Surgical Text ” Poster presentation by Maria-Camilla Fiazza

🗓️ THURSDAY 29TH JUNE – Workshops

  • “Communication in human-robot interaction as the foundation of robotic autonomy”
    Prof. Fiorini invited speaker at the workshop on Robotic Awareness and Autonomy in Surgery link here

  • “AI and Robotics for Better Surgery: Lesson Learned in three EU projects”
    Prof. Muradore invited speaker at the workshop on Robotic systems for surgery training and assistance: recent advances and future perspectives
    link here

Workshop at the ERF2023

Workshop at the ERF2023

European Robotics Forum 2023

March 15th – Workshop on “Toward Multiscale Healthcare Robots”

Joint event between the Topic Groups Miniaturised Robotics & Healthcare Robotics

The objective of this workshop is to strengthen the interaction between the miniaturized robotics and the healthcare robotics communities. Developments in miniaturized robotics have resulted in multiple proofs-of-concept with great potential to be exploited in the healthcare domain. It concerns especially minimal-invasive surgery including (i) robotic intervention in confined space inside the body (e.g., in otolaryngology) and (ii) focused drug delivery via micro/nano-carriers (e.g., in the brain). It also finds application in cell engineering such as single cell sorting for biotherapies. This workshop will fill the gap and develop synergies between TG miniaturized robotics and TG healthcare robotics to promote and boost the development of multiscale robotic tools in healthcare.

We are thrilled to join the 10th edition of the European Robotics Forum and to contribute in the organization of this workshop.  A cornerstone event for the European Robotics community. See you from 14 to 16 March in Odense (DK)!

Prof. Riccardo Muradore


Thermal X wins the Start Cup Veneto

Thermal X wins the Start Cup Veneto


The first prize of the Start Cup Veneto 2022 goes to the ThermalX group of the IT department of the University of Verona and ALTAIR Robotics Lab.

Start Cup Veneto is the competition between innovative entrepreneurial ideas in the Veneto Region, it is financed and implemented by the universities of Verona, Padua and Iuav of Venice in collaboration with multiple partners, official site here

The ThermalX Team: Giacomo de Rossi, Claudia Daffara, Dumitru Scutelic, Salvatore Siracusano, Riccardo Muradore and Nicola Piccinelli. 

In addition to the first prize of the competition, worth 8,000 euros, ThermalX received the special prize in the Life Science category, worth 2,000 euros. The team was coordinated by Riccardo Muradore and Claudia Daffara, professors of the Computer Science Department, and consisted of Dumitru Scutelnic, PhD student in Computer Science, Giacomo De Rossi, research fellow in the Computer Science department and Nicola Piccinelli, PhD student in Computer Science and Salvatore Siracusano, professor at the University of L’Aquila.

The group proposed the design, construction and marketing of a new model of medical endoscope which combines the traditional three-dimensional vision available in MIS interventions with a 3D heat map superimposed on the image to provide temperature measurements where and when needed. Through innovative hardware and software, the thermal information provided by the ThermalX endoscope will allow to reduce the damages due to the use of the electrosurgical unit ensuring safer procedures for surgeons and reducing complications for patients.

Article on UnivrMagazine link
Article on Venetoeconomia link