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Altair Robotics Laboratory is an Italian Center of Excellence in the research and development of advanced robotic systems.
It was founded in 2001 by computer science Professor Paolo Fiorini concurrently with the establishment of the courses in Automatic Control and Robotics in the Computer Science Department of the University of Verona.


The aim of this laboratory is to lead research and development on non-conventional robotic systems that can interact with the surrounding environment in multiple ways, from teleoperation to autonomous behaviors.

In the last few years, we have returned to work with industrial robotics, human-machine interaction and artificial intelligence as a result of the introduction of cooperative robots within the companies of Industry 4.0.

  • robotic surgery – 90%
  • collaborative robots – 85%
  • robotics for education – 85%

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A Laboratory for Teleoperations and Autonomous Intelligent Robots official video, take a look!

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Forecast Project

Forecast Project

The first six months of the Forecast Project have been completed   The FORECAST project focuses on benchmarking force control algorithms for robotic locomotion applications such as exoskeletons and humanoids. Force control algorithms allow robots to adapt their...

Workshop at the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics

Workshop at the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics

Workshop: Towards Robotic Autonomy in Surgery On June 23rd 2019 we had the pleasure to participate to the annual Hamlyn Symposium on Robotics 2019, at the Royal Geographical Society, London and organizing the workshop "Towards Robotic Autonomy in Surgery" sponsored by...

ISMR and SSMR 2019

ISMR and SSMR 2019

Prof. Paolo Fiorini will be invited speaker at the yearly Spring School on Medical Robotics (SSMR) and at the International Symposium on Medical Robotics (ISMR) 2019. hosted on the campus of Georgia Tech from April 1–3, 2019. The IEEE Robotics & Automation Society...