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EU Funded Research Projects

Altair Robotics laboratory has been awarded several EU and Italian grants and has developed over the years a wide knowledge in the field of robotic surgery.


In  2014 the lab concluded the I-SUR project demonstrating the feasibility of autonomous surgical actions, and with this data it was possible to undertake ARS Project, and ERC Advanced Grant Funded project started in 2017.



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Ongoing projects

SARAS aims at developing the next-generation of surgical robotic systems that will allow a single surgeon to execute Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery (R-MIS) without the need of an expert assistant surgeon.

The goal of the ARS project is the derivation of a unified framework for the autonomous execution of robotic tasks in surgery, a challenging environment where accurate performance and safety are of paramount importance.

past projects

The MURAB project has the ambition to revolutionise the way cancer screening and muscle diseases are researched for patients and has the potential to save lives by early detection and treatment.

I-SUR Project develops general methods for cognitive surgical robots capable of combining sensing, dexterity and cognitive capabilities to carry out autonomously simple surgical actions, such as puncturing, cutting and suturing

The goal of EuRoSurge is to facilitate the development of new products and their integration into surgical robots endowed with cognitive capabilities, thus establishing the new field of Cognitive Robotic Surgery.

The project aims at demonstrating that a properly controlled robotic surgery carried out in accordance to our safety criteria can improve the level of patient safety currently achievable by traditional surgery.

The main objective of the project is to develop an innovative and universal robotic assistant system to support a human in dextrous manipulation.

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