ALTAIR Lab Official Video

ALTAIR Robotics Laboratory announces its official video!

An overview of the Lab activities and future expectations, according to the vision and expertise of its founder, Prof. Paolo Fiorini.

The video presents the story of the Lab from its foundation in 2001 to the present days, explaining the main research fields and application of the people working in it. It also introduces some of the past and ongoing projects in the Lab, until the newest one: theARS Project.

The video was shot in February 2018, courtesy of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Verona.



Prof. Paolo Fiorini


ALTAIR Robotics Lab team

[in alphabetical order]

Fabrizio Boriero
Andrea Calanca
Marta Capiluppi
Davide Costanzi
Diego Dall’Alba
Michela De Piccoli
Giacomo De Rossi
Martina Doppio
Michele Ginesi
Enrico Magnabosco
Bogdan Maris
Daniele Meli
Giovanni Menegozzo
Jacopo Mocci
Riccardo Muradore
Nicola Piccinelli
Magdalena Roksana Piccoli Gajek
Andrea Roberti
Enrico Sartori
Carlo Tadiello
Eleonora Tagliabue
Chiara Tenga


University of Verona – Department of Computer Science
Marco Cristanini – Museum of Informatics


Sirio Film – Video Shoot

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